Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade Jack Daniels Hookah

Never in my life did I think he would be able to make this work! My hubby can be so creative when he wants to be. No money spent, he made a Hookah out of an old Jack Daniels bottle, a few old spare hookah parts from a broken pipe, and some junk he found in a tool box from our shed. The thing that amazes me most is that it works!! I just had to share some pictures of his hard work. Enjoy.

No scolding allowed dear mother-in-law. (Hehe, love you:)


  1. hey i am working on a project like this, do you know how did he drill the hole on the glass ? did he use a special drillbit ?

    sick hookah, congrats

  2. He did use a special drill bit, it was a glass and tile bit I think. It took a while, but he got a very clean cut hole. He and his brother in law had tried a diamond tip bit and cracked the bottle, but the glass and tile bit seemed to be perfect. Just go slow and steady to avoid cracking.

  3. Como conseguiu emborrachar o buraco que foi feito??? Onde comprou a torre, ou usou de uma narguis antigo???

  4. hey dude , i tried to make the hole but every thing fucked up !!
    can you help me ... ?

  5. Hey Can you tell me how'd you fix the bowl at the top and how'd you close the mouth of the bottle? did you use a rubber stopper for both? :/